Città di Fermo

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The undisputed protagonist, in Fermo and in its environs, is the sea.

The city offers visitors and tourists splendid stretches of coast, precious beaches of golden sand on one side and wide swathes of polished white pebbles on the other: Lido di Fermo, Lido di San Tommaso and Casabianca are extensions of the hill of Fermo which, together with Marina Palmense, lying under the great panoramic terraces of Torre di Palme, offer sun, beaches, sailing and windsurfing.

Besides the many parks and green spaces where you can spend your free time in contact with nature relaxing completely or playing sports and games.

The range of services for tourists is completed with itineraries for trekking, riding schools and horse riding, located mostly further inland, for lovers of open-air sports.

Along the coast of Fermo are some of the finest tourist villages, spacious and full of greenery, embedded harmoniously into a luxuriant and colourful natural setting.

The great variety of hotels, from the smallest family business up to the most modern and well-equipped, constitute a complete range of accommodation where every guest can enjoy the romantic sunrises over the sea, the rhythmic ebb and flow of the waves, the joyful life on the beach or long and relaxing strolls along the shore.

The sea front is also dotted with hospitable bathing establishments, where you can spend both relaxing days with the family among the beach umbrellas and enjoyable evenings with friends.

The country

18-PRATI-ALTI-copiaThe rolling hills rising from close to the sea make the landscape of Fermo and the surrounding area unique and distinctive, with every plot of land lovingly cultivated; to the admiring gaze it seems a great garden of many colours.

There are numerous city parks, in particular the Girfalco Square, the green heart of Fermo where the worlds of architecture and nature merge, the Mentuccia Park, a recreation area only a short walk from the old town centre, Villa Vitali with its historical garden, an oasis of tranquillity watched over by majestic trees, the Cugnolo Wood, a beautiful conservation area near Torre di Palme, the site also of a Spa ideal for the treatment of digestive and liver disorders, and hyperuricemic and urinary tract illnesses. Places that are distinguished by the wide variety of botanical species found in them and for their extraordinary beauty.

“Leaving the sea at our backs, and driving up the valley of the Tenna, we are met by the splendid spectacle of the Sibylline Mountains, and by the infinite constellation of places of naturalistic interest and fascination such as: Pilate’s Lake, situated at 1940 metres asl, encased between the high summits of Mount Vettore, the only glacial lake in the Apennines, and the home of a small crustacean of the typical red colour, a species unique in the world (Chirocephalus marchesonii); Smerillo, a natural balcony of extraordinary beauty with a 360-degree view; Infernaccio and the upper valley of the Tenna, the very narrow gorge excavated by the river between Mount Priora and Mount Sibilla, characterized by vertical walls which almost touch each other; and places of worship of particular interest such as the 17th-century Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Ambro, with its frescoes of the Sibyls, in an evocative setting permeated with suffused religiosity , between the massif of the Priora (2332 m.) and Castel Manardo (1917 m.). Moreover, for lovers of the mountains in winter, there are numerous ski resorts within easy reach, only 40 minutes from Fermo, among which Bolognola and Sarnano and the very enjoyable Ice Rink in Ussita.”