Città di Fermo

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The Palazzo dei Priori Museum Complex


Built at the end of the thirteenth century, Palazzo dei Priori, the oldest palace in the City, was formed by the merging of existing buildings, which were unified by an imposing renaissance facade in 1500.

Inside, located on the first floor, is the Picene section of the Archaeological Museum, preserving finds from the Fermo area which testify to the pre-Roman civilization of the Picenes from the 9th century to the 3rd century B.C.

The second floor houses the Civic Art Gallery.

Among the most important works are the famous late-Gothic miniatures with the Stories of Saint Lucy by the Venetian Jacobello del Fiore as well as important 17th-century works such as the famous "Adoration of the Shepherds" by Peter Paul Rubens and the "Pentecost” by G. Lanfranco. Part of the route is also the jewel of the City: the prestigious Globe Room.