Città di Fermo

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Shows, exhibitions, art and culture

Since 2015, the abundance of colours has characterized the various seasons of the year in the form of exhibitions and events of all kinds, animating every corner of the city, from the historical centre to the coast. Our calendar is rich in cultural and sports initiatives, historical re-enactments, festivals related to music, cinema, theatre and cabaret, markets and food and wine events, which involve tourists and locals. A schedule designed to discover the many faces of a city that attracts in every moment of the year.

Libera la Primavera comes first as a butterfly flight in the gentle spring breeze, bringing joy and warmth, dormant from the winter cold, with events to be enjoyed outdoors and indoors such as: Tipicità in the city, Ecoday, Fermo Attivo and the International Violin Concert “A. Postacchini.”

Libera l’Estate, carried by the summer wind on the wings of hot-air balloons, uncovers an increasingly colorful landscape. The events that characterize the summer season are: Villainvita, Jazz e non solo Jazz, Notte delle Meraviglie, the Cavalcata dell’Assunta and the Mostra Mercato dell’Antiquariato e dell’Artigianato.

Libera l’Autunno. As the summer greenery gives way to an explosion of colours that appear in all their nuances, the autumnal breath also frees the resources dormant during the summer. The Oktoberfest in Fermo, to which our sister city of Ansbach participates every year, the reopening of the theatre season, Fermhamente and Finalmente è domenica, are just some of the many events that take place in this season.

Fermo Città Natale Every year, on occasion of the Christmas holidays, the historic center of Fermo is filled with lights and colours, transforming the city into a magical and unrecognizable place in the eyes of adults and children. During the various editions, Piazza del Popolo houses: the ice rink, the traditional nativity scene, the astronomical observatory and the classic Christmas markets, accompanied by concerts and themed events. For example, in the last year, Christmas planners have taken inspiration from the 20th anniversary of the release of the first volume of Harry Potter.


The numerous exhibitions and cultural events fit perfectly in every season, succeeding in making the fun coexist with the desire to rediscover the works of the most famous artists from Fermo and elsewhere. Over the years, these events have become a source of attraction both for tourists and locals, involving and intriguing thousands of adults and children with exhibitions of all kinds. An excellent example is the exhibition "Rubens e altri capolavori nella chiesa di San Filippo a Fermo", which on 29 October 2017 in the homonymous church, housed "The Adoration of the Shepherds" by P.P. Rubens and an enchanting collection of works by artists from all over the territory of Fermo. Another example is the exhibition "L’anello di Cupra: Icone della femminilità dalla preistoria a Rubens, da Van Gogh ai contemporanei", a temporary exhibition dedicated to the female universe set up in the hall of the Palazzo dei Priori. From 31 July to 23 October 2016, it was possible to participate in a journey full of suggestions, stories and images through archaeological finds, paintings, sculptures and installations by great Italian and international artists. In 2018, in the church of San Filippo, the exhibition "Il Quattrocento a Fermo: tradizioni e avanguardie da Nicola di Ulisse a Carlo Crivelli" offers visitors the opportunity to rediscover the artistic history of the city, through precious artifacts from the destroyed fortress of Girfalco, through works that survived the oblivion of time, sculptures, goldsmiths, textiles, ceramics, miniatures and finally through the masterpieces by Carlo and Vittore Crivelli who made Fermo the fulcrum of their splendid art.