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International Violin Competition “A. Postacchini”


The Violin Competition “Andrea Postacchini” organized by the Antiqua Marca Fermana Association, is an international violin event which has taken place at the Teatro dell'Aquila, in Fermo, since 1994. Its aims are to keep alive the memory of the exquisite luthier Andrea Postacchini and to offer young musicians from all over the world the opportunity to show off their talent. The numbers that revolve around the competition are significant: hundreds of registered competitors from all nations who compete for the prestigious title and for a prize fund distributed among prizes, special prizes, scholarships and the winner’s prize.

Andrea Postacchini was born in Fermo on 30 November 1781. In 1815 he was already a “talented producer of stringed instruments”, in 1824 he signed one of his violins as “work n. 214”. In Fermo, in his home laboratory in the street Via delle Vergini, he built arched instruments, guitars, arches and also dedicated himself to restoration; gave his varied personal production a unique value through the careful selection of woods, the elegance of the crowning and the fineness of the paints, usually yellow-golden or red-brown. This, when he was still alive, earned him the reputation as an excellent violin maker. His instruments, sought-after also for their harmonious sound, soon reached very high prices and were marketed all over Europe. The works he made when he had reached his artistic maturity often bear the label “Andreas Postacchini Firmanus fecit sub titulo S. Raphaelis Arcang. 18 ..”. After his death in Fermo on 3 February 1862, Postacchini was called “Stradivari delle Marche” (“Stradivari from the Marche region”).

Today it is ranked among the classical Italian violin makers of the nineteenth century.



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