Città di Fermo

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House Rules

1 The spectator must always be provided of his/her ticket, to be shown upon simple request by the personnel in charge of ticket control. The spectator must occupy the allocated seat.

2. Access to the stalls area is forbidden after the start of the show. Late spectators are kindly invited to occupy free seats in the Theatre boxes or, in case of lack of availability, to wait inside the foyer and then reach their seat during the intermission

3 Clothing suitable to the decorum of the Theatre is strongly recommended for every representation.

4. The Theatre is provided of a coatroom, reachable from the foyer: overcoats, coats, umbrellas, hats, bags, cameras, audio and video recorders and mobile phones may be deposited. The coatroom facility is free-of-charge.

5. Inside the stalls area, a proper behaviour and respect of the silence are compulsory.

6. The Theatre is open to children, with the exhortation to parents or guardians to instruct them on the proper behaviour to be observed in the Theatre.

7. During the show, it is forbidden to use mobile phones.

8. It is forbidden to shoot photos and to make video or audio records, without authorization from the Company or the Theatre Management. Photographs, journalists and TV cameramen are kindly asked to contact the Theatre ticket office in order to be allowed the access by the show organiser. Allowed journalists are anyway requested to observe the Press law in force. The allowed publication also formally commits to publish one or more reports relating to the event.

9. Pursuant to law 584/75 it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside of the Theater.

10. The Theatre has a cafè service (available from one hour before the show and during the intermission) located in the Rollina Room. All drinking and eating (water, beverages and food) must be done exclusively in the cafè. It is prohibited to introduce glasses and edible items into the stalls area and galleries.


11. For any problem or need, the spectators are requested to turn to the Theatre personnel.


12. Access to the Theatre is guaranteed for people with disabilities. The audience is enabled to accommodate 8 seats for people with permanent or temporary reduced mobility, pursuant to art. 2 of D.M. N. 236 of 14/06/1989 of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports. For safety reasons, wheelchairs shall not have access to boxes and tunnels. Admission for the disabled is free of charge; accompanying persons are entitled to reduced admission as they will be charged for the ticket of Sector B instead of Sector A of the stalls area. Tickets for disabled people with permanent or temporary reduced mobility and their accompanying persons must be booked at least two days before each performance at the Theatre ticket office. The toilets, specially equipped, are located at the entrance of the Theatre. Disabled persons who do not have reduced mobility but other forms of disability with certificate of invalidity of more than 70% and civilian invalids are entitled to reduced entry.

13. The Theatre is equipped with a lift connecting the entrance to Sala Rollina and to the 2nd tier of boxes. The use of the lift must be requested to the personnel. The other tiers are not accessible by lift.

14. The capacity of the Theatre is of 870 seats, of which 202 in the stalls area and 668 in the boxes.

15. Inside of the boxes, the single seats are numbered and, up to the 4th order, are also differentiated by section.

16. The Theatre retains the right to change the allocated seats due to technical needs.

17. Entrance is forbidden to animals.

18. Customers who wish to complain or offer suggestions are kindly invited to send them via e-mail to “” or via fax to the number “0734.284295”.