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Tipicità, a question of perspective!

LogoIn 1993, the term “tipicità”, which means a blend of concepts such as “peculiarity”, “specificity”, but also “typical and traditional products”, was rarely used. During twenty five years, the whole world has changed and the festival “Tipicità” has evolved exponentially, constantly riding the wave and often acting as a pioneer to intercept trends, unfolding atmosphere, in a word, perspective!

This festival rests upon the strong, cohesive, open-minded identity of our territory, which always takes the chances of globalisation to renew itself, to set out a scenario of growth and development, with new promotional formats, new markets to explore and new ways to bring people together. Tipicità is the result of all these aspects and combines all the values they provide.

From a simple event, Tipicità has evolved into an innovative and participatory laboratory of promotion and enhancement of our territory and into an occasion to draw attention and establish relationships on a national and international level.

Today, it has become a well-established umbrella brand  represented in the varied facets of the Made in Marche quality, which pleases the world. This brand has its core in our food&wine exhibition, than it moves to the attractiveness of our territory, which you can enjoy during Tipicità Experience, and reaches its climax with the Art&Genius exhibition, which enhances the know-how that distinguishes us.

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