Città di Fermo

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Oratory of St Monica and Church of St Augustine


The oratory was built in 1425 as a church dedicated to St John the Baptist; it then passed in 1623 to the Confraternity of St Monica.

It houses inside a precious cycle of frescoes with the stories Saints John the Baptist and the Evangelist, a masterpiece of Gothic painting (15th century).

Alongside the oratory is the 13th-century Church of Saint Augustine which holds numerous artistic treasures, frescoes and canvasses, from the end of the 13th century to the 18th century.

In the interior is the precious relic of the Holy Thorn preserved in a reliquary, a jewel of excellent workmanship dating back to 1400, the product of a local workshop of masterful Sienese and Venetian goldsmiths.