Città di Fermo

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Shopping and eating


To complete a concentrated itinerary regarding Fermo can’t miss the factory shops visit which launch the fashion in the world. Concerning shopping, the surrounding area of Fermo, offers interesting and particularly refined shopping trips among important fashion names and artisan traditions such as shoes, hats, accessories that create trends in the most important international boutiques.
The Fermo cuisine, characterized by great respect for the country cuisine, we found the local salami, especially the unmistakable “ciauscolo” and the strong flavoured cheeses; then we taste the wholesome pasta dishes, mainly made of egg pasta, such as “vincisgrassi” the local and distinct version of lasagna, the maccheroncini di Campofilone or the tagliatelle (noodles) which are perfectly combined with ragù and sauces made from giblets.
The excellent quality barbecued meats take the lion’s share, together with the local mixed deep fried foods: breaded meats, breaded meat-stuffed green olives, vegetables and breaded creams.
The fragrant sweetmeats of the country feasts: the “ciambelotto” of the threshing for example, accompanied by delicious vino cotto (cooked wine) which is an original way to follow the fine table wines like Rosso Piceno and Falerio.