Città di Fermo

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The large and populous village of Capodarco dominates the north-eastern edge of the territory of Fermo, occupying a truly enchanting position: a real and proper balcony over the sea.

The location overlooking the sea, surrounded by a splendid Mediterranean maquis, makes it an excellent resort for tourists seeking healthy air and a natural environment. At the centre of the village you can visit the parish church of St Mary’s, in a neoclassical style, built around 1905. Inside the church there are some important works of art, among which the most precious is the polyptych by Vittore Crivelli kept in a side chapel. The church also houses the parish museum which preserves traces of the life of the local community, including vestments and sacred objects, tabernacles, procession lamps and votive offerings. We also recommend a visit to the old Church of St Mary of Capodarco, one of the most important buildings in the village. A plaque in the south wall of the church bears the date of 1358. The building underwent many changes over the centuries and after it was deconsecrated it was a school, a warehouse and then a theatre.

Now it has been bought by Fermo City Council, and when restoration work is complete it will once again be a theatre serving the local community.