Città di Fermo

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Villa Vitali Scientific Museums


Built in 1827 and located along the main road leading from the sea to the city of Fermo, Villa Vitali is a 19th-century museum facility on three levels, which was restored at the end of the 19th century. Built on the site of a sacred temple, in the nineteenth century it was Count Barnaba Vitali who, to preserve its original religious function, had a chapel built inside the Villa, on the walls of which San Francesco Di Paola is depicted preaching. This chapel was the church of the quarter until the end of the 1960s. Subsequently the Villa was purchased by Fermo City Council.

This facility accommodates: the "Silvio Zavatti" Ethnographic Polar Museum, which is unique in Italy in preserving exhibits of Eskimo peoples and articles brought back from expeditions by Prof. Silvio Zavatti in the polar regions; the "Tommaso Salvadori" Ornithological Museum, a private collection of stuffed birds, including some species now extinct; the "Meteorite Room", which hold the exemplar that fell in Fermo on 25 September 1996 and a collection of cameras, donated to Fermo City Council by the former Ambassador to Tanzania Alfredo Matacotta-Cordella. Since 2005 it has also hosted the unusual "Nicola Rizzi" Pipe Museum, the only one of its kind in the whole of Italy, which is made up of approximately 450 exemplars, the expression of great expertise in handicraft and rare beauty